10 skills for great leaders

10 skills for great leaders

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ILIC consulted a panel of HR experts. Their objective: to draw up a profile of great leaders. Here are the 10 skills that they believe define ideal candidates.

1 They encourage the personal and professional development of their employees. They invest in their success.

2 They show empathy. They know how to listen and are genuinely interested in others. Leading a group of people requires a sense of trust and mutual understanding.

3- They know how to motivate their troops. Acting as a cheerleader for your team is an important part of being an effective leader.

4- They focus on solutions, not problems.

5- They prefer teaching to authoritarianism. They create a more collaborative and engaged work environment – without manipulating.

6- An effective leader knows how to show others what to do, rather than just telling them. They set clear goals and expectations.

7- A prerequisite for giving the right advice: They know exactly where their company is going.

8- They do not hesitate to give direct and honest – even critical – feedback on performance. This is the best way to help their teams move in the right direction.

9- Similarly, they also rely on trust with their staff to get objective feedback on their leadership. Conducting a true self-assessment is never easy. That’s why mentors and colleagues are invaluable in assessing effectiveness.

10- They are open to new ideas. Good leaders understand that change is inevitable. Everyone brings a unique perspective, and it should be leveraged, not discouraged.

So what score did you get?  Don’t be disappointed: becoming a good leader takes time. Some people are naturally more talented than others, but leading your teams to success is a goal that is within reach for everyone, and our programs are designed to help you achieve it. You can also request an online meeting to get advice on which training to take at info@ilic-consulting.com.

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