Book. Myhts and secrets of international negotiation

Myths and Secrets of International Negotiation

How did Martin Scorcese manage to close the budget of his masterpiece ‘The Irishman’, when Hollywood studios had turned their backs on him? Why do the BREXIT negotiations continue to stall to this day? Journey to the End of the Deal’ does not simply provide answers to these questions. Conceived as a guide, this book highlights the keys to understanding the 

technical and cultural factors behind any negotiation process. The aim is to enable the reader to gain the confidence to become a good negotiator. In addition to the theory and best practices governing all international negotiations, author David Spiers explores some of the most famous deals, and reflects on his own experiences running profit centers as well as those of the hundreds of executives and managers he has advised and trained in the art of negotiation.


‘Voyage au bout du Deal’ is published by Cereso. 

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