What kind of leader are you?

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Taking over an office, ordering a coffee and delegating tasks is within the reach of anyone. But leading an organization effectively is more than that. Men and women who have this ability have a major impact not only on their team members, but on their company as a whole. Studies show that when led by great leaders, employees tend to be happier, more productive and more connected to their organization. One thing leads to another, and the company’s results are better.

How do you recognize them? “Look at the people around him,” observes one of the trainers, a specialist in international communication and negotiation. A good leader makes his employees better. Are they demotivated, less efficient? Certain signs may indicate poor management:
– Your colleagues, including those closest to you, never express the slightest criticism of your ideas or decisions.
-When you ask them what their 3 priority objectives are, they each give a different answer.
-you spend more time planning your own career development than that of your colleagues
– all your conversations are about work.

What kind of leader are you?

A book to help you on your way to successful negotiations

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The art of negotiation finally has its guide: What’s on the table today? a Ilic publishing essay, in which David Spiers delivers his recipes through a multitude of examples drawn from his own experience as a business leader. The author also draws his lessons from the testimonies of his executive clients, engineers and senior executives, not to mention the personalities whose stories are considered today as textbook cases.