Bring out the most wanted skills for 2020

Like many managers and members of their team, you may wonder : How can I boost my performance, my impact, my self-confidence, my management style ? How can I help my teams be more efficient, innovative, collaborative ?
Giving answers to those issues, may be the key to be and stay competitive, according to the World Economic Forums’ predictions on the skills of tomorrow, (see pic below).

How ? By investing on professional coaching. Clients who do so, according to the ICF Global study,  are seeing an average ROI of 3.4.

Today, Coaching is recognized as a powerful tool which underlines an organization’s commitment to invest
in the potential and development of their team members and their dedication to a successful future.
Ilic Consulting works with clients to provide both you and your team an opportunity to grow individually, as a team and at all levels of the company. Whatever the stage of your business from
start-ups to large multinationals, we partner to activate win win for your organization and your stake holders.
Our bi-cultural, bi-lingual coaches, who are all native English speakers, bring their out-of-the-box mindset to the table to challenge actions and beliefs, to generate
awareness and self-reflective opportunities which in turn help maximise performance for both the individual and the organization.

Our Vision of Professional Coaching:
The ICF (International Coach Federation) defines Professional Coaching as:
Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”
As ICF members, we adhere to this definition and are fully aligned with the core values of integrity, excellence, collaboration and respect.
Our responsibility as coaches:
Provide time and space for our clients to work on their issues in all confidentiality.
Consider our clients as an expert on their situation
Explore, clarify and align the coaching to client’s / organization’s needs
Encourage our client to use their creativity and internal resources
Foster self-discovery through a creative, thought provoking process
Facilitate the emergence of solutions and strategies as discovered by our client
Hold our client accountable for finding their own solutions while respecting their difficulties
Activate change, autonomy and resilience through a change of perspective

Who can use it ? When ?
Professional Coaching is applicable and adaptable to :
Coaching focused on the development of the
individual’s potential : increasing motivation, job transitioning, high potentials, managing stress…
Coaching focused on interpersonal skills : improving relationships with colleagues, team members, management, clients, emotional intelligence…
Coaching focused on management of team interaction : increasing team effectiveness, dealing with conflict and competition, building new teams…
Coaching focused on executives : dealing with dimensions of strategy, business development, leadership posture, inclusion, organizational complexity…

Individual Coaching :
A one on one situation which allows the client to focus on their specific individual issues.
(face to face, by phone or skype)

Group Coaching :
Team coaching
(project teams, permanent teams, virtual teams)
provides a manager and their team an opportunity to address their issues of team structure, cohesion, effectiveness, confidence, etc., with a high impact on long term team cohesion.
Peer coaching (people in same jobs and/or same level of responsibility ; executive committes, board of directors, management groups) provides a peer group with the opportunity to capitalize on best practices as well as to foster learning and improvement in their specific professional context. The tools used encourage experimentation, trial and error of postures to favorize individual and group development.

Meet your coaches
Our multicultural team of coaches have all successfully completed an ICF accredited program. We work in full respect of the code of ethics as defined by ICF and we are supervised.
Client relationship being at the heart of success, we encourage you to meet several of our team members to ensure a perfect ‘fit’.

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